Experience our natural Sydney Rock Oysters farmed in the pristine waters at Camden Haven and enjoy one of nature’s true delights!

Rockin’ Oysters is located on the Camden Haven River estuary, an area committed to environmentally sustainable farming. Operating since 2009 and through improved farming techniques using a combination of inter-tidal trays and floating baskets, James has refined production and produces a high quality and more full-bodied oyster.

Sydney Rock Oysters grow inter-tidally along NSW and lower QLD coast line, in bays, estuaries and lakes. With rich mineral flavours often with vegetal creamy aromas. The plant vegetation heavily influences the algae the oysters feed on, which gives those layers of flavours and complexities that are unique to Australia flora and terrior.

Our oysters are grown just as nature intended in the nutrient packed waters that flow into Camden Haven River. Farming practices evolve and change constantly as we strive to produce the best possible oyster for you to enjoy.

Sydney Rock Oysters are best enjoyed when freshly dry shucked to retain the natural fresh brine flavour. Oysters are noble, tasty, indulgent, refreshing and best enjoyed with a glass of cold white wine.They do have a good shelf life when kept whole, of up to 14 days providing they are kept at the correct temperature and handled safely.

Let us help you with your next special event or occasion. When you order from us you know you will receive the freshest and best product. Ask us about our selection of beautiful dressings to compliment the oyster.

Order direct from the farm gate. We offer freshly shucked oysters to order or you can purchase live oysters and open and enjoy at home with friends and family.