Fresh Seafood | Shuck’n’Go

Visit us at the Tacking Point Tavern Bottle Shop and take home fresh oysters and seafood!

We are all in this together!

Delicious farm fresh oysters delivered to your door!

Oyster Grades

What sizes are Rockin' Oysters?

Oysters and Rosé Day

Urban Winery Sydney. Perfect start to the summer! Sunday 1 December 2019

Join us for lunch this summer

Drop by and enjoy oysters and delicious seafood @ the Shed starting 13.12.19

2019-20 Harvest Season Now Available!

Order now for your Christmas and New Year celebrations!
The Finest Oyster

Oyster and Craft Beer Matching

Sunshine Brewery and The Finest Oyster this Saturday 19 Oct, 1-3pm

Outside the Kitchen and Bill’s Fishhouse

Online series celebrating the local food scene in Greater Port Macquarie.