How to shuck your oysters?

Shucking fresh oysters is the delicate process of entering the shell and removing the meat without losing the oyster’s natural brine flavour and requires a firm hand and the right supplies.

You will need:

Heavy gloves
An oyster knife
Rockin’ Oysters’ Sydney Rock Oysters

Check out the shell:

Before starting take a close look at the oyster so that you know the right way to handle it while shucking.

  1. Identify the hinge – the muscle that connects the top and bottom shells at the pointy end of the oyster.
  2. Opposite from the hinge is the rounded front
  3. The top of the oyster is the flatter shell.
  4. The bottom shell is cup-shaped.

To open:

  1. The curved side of the oyster should be against the palm of your hand. The point, or hinge, should be facing toward you.
  2. Run the blade along the top of the shell.
  3. When separated, open the oyster, taking care to hold it level. Run the knife along the top shell to separate any remaining meat and carefully separate the oyster meat from the bottom shell.

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