2019-20 harvest season is now available! ORDER NOW!

Summer season and Christmas are only weeks away! NOW is the time to pre-order our Sydney Rock Oysters for your celebrations.

Fresh live oysters can be ordered direct from the farm and you can also purchase a hand crafted oyster knife ($27.50) and handling gloves ($13.20). Our minimum order is 10 dozen, the oysters are packed in insulated compact boxes and delivered to your door. Please allow 2-4 working days for deliveries. The live oysters have an excellent shelf life (see our oyster care page) and retain their natural brine flavours from the estuary.

Rockin’ Oysters were recently featured on Outside the Kitchen, Episode 3 with Pete Cutcliffe at Bills Fishhouse + Bar. Try Pete’s oysters three ways:

Way 1 Natural : Sea salt and a squeeze of lemon

Way 2 Avocado and Grapefruit : Segment the grapefruit and avocado (half avo and half grapefruit). Add a glug of olive oil and pepper (no salt needed as the oysters are already salty).

Way 3 Chilli and Plum Dressing : Dice up a red chilli, one plum and mint.  Add a splash of sparkling wine and a pinch of salt,  a glug of olive oil and a squeeze of balsamic glaze. Mix all together in a bowl.

To finish spoon dressings onto each oyster as desired.

Thank you for supporting local producers and adding farm fresh oysters to your special occasion.