Rockin’ Oysters produces a high quality and full-bodied Sydney Rock Oyster.

Direct Harvest Oysters

Located on New South Wales’ pristine mid-north coast at Camden Haven, Rockin’ Oysters has farmed oysters since 2009 and through improved farming techniques has refined production of the Sydney Rock Oyster, creating a high quality and more full-bodied product.

In 2014, Rockin’ Oysters won the prestigious, Green Beacon Perfect Beer Match Award in Brisbane. The company is also a supplier to the elite Signature Oysters.

Order Direct

Rockin’ Oysters, Sydney Rock Oysters are available for sale from October through to June. The oysters are shipped in compact, insulated boxes the same day they are harvested. Every oyster is handpicked and packed to ensure that you receive highest quality oysters possible. To place orders please contact us by phone, email or complete the order form.

From the farm

What our customers say

We recently purchased oysters from Rockin’ Oysters and they tasted amazing.  The product arrived on time as were packaged with care.

Rockin’ Oysters Customer

Rockin’ Oysters have been supplying our restaurant for a many years. Their product is always fresh and the larger oyster makes for a unique dish for our customers.

Rockin’ Oysters Customer

I recently purchased some of your oysters. Outstanding!

Rockin’ Oyster Customer

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